Tuesday, December 20, 2005

WOE! WOE IS ME! Still no word from Obsidian yet on that game tester job. I really hope I get that job, as I'd like to see how the game industry works, and see if I'm really cut out for it. It'd suck to graduate with an Audio Production degree and then find out I'm not a good fit for the industry. D'oh! Plus, I've spent so many countless hours playing NWN and memorising the rules that I really think I'd be a good QA tester for NWN2.

I had to fill out a questionnaire to send to Obsidian. When asked to describe myself on Obsidian's questionnaire, I ended my self-description by mentioning my being the "world's first video game mercenary", and even put a URL to this blog. I hope this got a laugh at Obsidian, and not a negative reaction ;)

At a job interview once, the interviewer asked me about how my resume listed my most recent job at the time: movie extra. I played a Japanese fighter pilot in the Michael Bay movie, "Pearl Harbor" (I get about 3 seconds of screen time, I was on the set for two days). The interviewer seemed to be really interested in this, and I think it helped me out a lot. I wonder if there will ever be a time when I can put "video game mercenary" on my resume? Eh, probably not for a while.

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Finally, it's Christmas time, so today's High Score is a clip of Patrick Doyle's track, "Non Nobis Domine" from the film score for Henry V. Non Nobis Domine, I believe, translates to "God is great". Even if you're an agnostic like myself, I'm sure you'll like this track :-)

Not really sure how this would fit into any game playing scenarios, but it'd probably go well with a church/temple setting in an RPG game. You probably think that's when the song is heard during the film, right? Well if you thought that.. you're WRONG. So very, very wrong.

Nope. In the film, this song plays after an incredibly bloody and destructive battle. The dead bodies of slain knights litter the battlefield. And then the King says, in a manner of speaking, "Yo! That was one wicked battle, aye? Survivors, let's sing Non Nobis Domine together while walking past all these corpses. Weee!" So the first voice you hear is that of the King himself, who had just finished chopping up people with his sword, and is smeared in mud and blood. The other voices all come in as more survivors walk into the screen, singing as they trail behind the king.

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