Sunday, December 4, 2005

Just posted my third mercenary charity auction up on Ebay.
Starting bid is $9.99. Click here and bid on me! :-D Auction ends on December 11th.

Q1. Why don't you accept credit card through Paypal?
A: PayPal requires I activate a Premium account in order to accept credit card payments. This costs money to maintain :(

Q2. You say to IM you between 4-11 PM PST in order to setup games. What if you're not online? And will you always be able to play when asked during those times?
A: I'm almost always going to be online, although I may be AFK sometimes. You can IM when I'm Away and I'll reply as soon as I get back to the computer.

I may not be able to play under all circumstances (emergencies, imminent exams, etc.). However, I guarantee that you'll have no problem getting the full 10 hours you purchase. Few people play games as often as I do :-P

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