Friday, December 30, 2005

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Ah, Gradius V for PS2. How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

Ahem...erm... hello. Yeah, so this Gradius V game is great. 2-player good ol' fashioned shoot'em up. I love lasers, space lasers, space, and space ships!

Today's High Score is a Kouhei Tanaka track from the soundtrack of Gundam MS 08th Team. It plays during a large battle in which a single enemy ace pilot fights off all of the heroes of the show.

The enemies of the UC Gundam series are called Zeon. These guys have a WW1/WW2 German military motif in their appearances. Their clothing, weaponry, and mobile suits (big combat robots). You can kinda pick up on this through the music here, with its militaristic tunes.

This track goes well with pretty much any type of game which has you driving a huge, lumbering war machine of some sort. Good tune for Mechwarrior players or BF2 tank drivers.
Amazon doesn't sell the OST from what I can tell, so if you want the disc, try Ebay or anime sites.

I'm off to Fresno for a few days to celebrate New Year's. I'll be back on Monday. Seeya folks, and have a good New Year's :D


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