Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Alright, got a High Score feature and some personal news.

Personal news first: I applied for a QA Tester (game tester) job at Obsidian Entertainment. They need testers for Neverwinter Nights 2, and I love NWN1. I hope they hire me! I'll have to put off school for 6+ months and move to down to the Los Angeles area, but I think it's worth it.

Dogar, an NWN friend of mine, thinks this is cool but could maybe cause a problem: what if I get sick of the game because I spent so much time testing it? Haha, I hope that doesn't happen. I really want to sink my teeth into NWN2, and hopefully create some cool content for it through the Aurora Toolset. And hopefully I can do some amateur sound design work for some of the NWN2 community projects, too.

Anyway, I hope I can get into the NWN2 QA team and really make sure all the DnD rules are implemented the way Obsidian intends. In the first NWN, many aspects of the game's spell system weren't done very well. Many of the spells are way too powerful, while others are too easily countered. So many spells have unintended balance problems that I often refuse to use certain spells (like the Bigby Hand spells) because they're so overpowered, making the game too easy.

So wish me luck! Now onto the High Score feature of the day...

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High Score: Hans Zimmer's Black Hawk Down - Tribal War

This track is one of my favs. In the film about US Rangers in the Battle of Mogadishu, the track plays as an elite group of special forces troops blasts their way through enemy troops at night, with the help of Night Vision Goggles and a lot of stealthy manuevering. It's a really cool scene and the music goes great with Battlefield 2's Middle East urban settings.

The track is a mixture of electronic instruments, guitar, horns, and drums, that somehow comes together to give you a great track to play during your next battle. If Michael Giacchino's Medal of Honor represents a sense of nobility in conflict, Hans Zimmer's Tribal War represents the opposite: cold, calculated, merciless destruction. Check out the low quality clip below. If you want to hear more, and in the best quality possible, you'll have to buy the album.

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