Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Actor Robin Williams, Battlefield 2 Sniper. I wonder if I could get him to be a mercenary :-P A couple weeks ago, he also went to the game store at my local shopping mall, as all the EBgames people were talking about his visit when I came into the store. Williams is a big gamer apparently. A fan of Quake and Day of Defeat, and apparently named his daughter "Zelda" after the video game character.

I've killed Emilio Estevez in Counter-Strike before. His player name was "Emilio Estevez".
So I said, "You're actor Emilio Estevez?"
And he said "Yep."
And so I said, "Mighty Ducks ... MIGHTY SUCKED! Bahahaha."
I then shot him in the head.
At the time, I didn't think it was the actual actor. But a few weeks later, I saw a video interview of him in which he said he plays Counter-Strike using his actual name. So I figure that probably was him, after all.

Mighty Ducks mighty sucked... man, I'm a comedy genius...

Anyway, Mr. Williams... if you read this some day... send me an IM and let's auction off our BF2 mercenary skills for charity sometime! :D

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