Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Been playing lots of Blitz 1941. Blitz 1941 is a free online tank combat RPG. You get a tank of various types (tank, self-propelled gun, tank destroyer, assault gun), form companies (parties) with other players, and then go out onto the PvP battlefields for experience points. Levelling up, you get access to better tanks and equipment. It's pretty addicting.

Usually, I hate these kinds of games, since they have no story to drive you forward. It's just pointless killing to level up. But Blitz 1941 makes the fighting itself quite enjoyable, as you have to time and aim your shots carefully during combat. So it's fun, pointless killing. :-D The sound, music, and graphics are all very well done.

Dogar and I are playing the game, so look for us. I go by CharlieSix (or CharlieFive if I'm on Axis). Feel free to Yahoo IM me at "Charlie_Six" if you want to play a game with us. Me and a group of friends are also playing the Rites of Ascension module series for Neverwinter Nights, and would welcome more players for that, too.

- - - - - -

Today's High Score: Trevor Jones soundtrack for the film, Dark City.

This track, called "You Have the Power", makes perfect "boss fight music" for pretty much any game. Despite it's use of synth instruments, I think it'd work great for when you fight an evil wizard in an RPG or somethin. It has this "Sweet Lordy, stuff is blowing up EVERYWHERE" motif to it. Course, that's what's going on in the movie when the track plays. Heheh.

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