Monday, December 12, 2005

Today's High Score feature is Kenji Kawai's track, Attack the Wakabayashi, for the cyberpunk film "Ghost in the Shell: Innocence".

The track plays as Batou, an ex-Army Ranger and now cyborg detective, defends himself with an M249 SAW machine gun. Ever since I saw this scene, I've tried to reenact it in Counter-Strike and Battlefield 2, both of which feature the M249. Unfortunately, I've failed on each attempt, as the gun is largely useless in every game it appears in. Just too inaccurate.

If you're a fan of The Matrix films, you might want to check out the Ghost in the Shell series of TV shows, games, and movies. The creators of the Matrix, according to Wired magazine, was greatly inspired by the first Ghost in the Shell film. I'm a big fan of all things cyberpunk, so I love stuff like this. For cyberpunk games, check out Deus Ex and the HL2 mod Dystopia. These games, like GITS, let the player merge themselves with various cybernetic implants that give them cool abilities, like being able to camouflauge themselves with their surroundings using optical camouflage.

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