Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This is a post of mine from the Game Audio Network Guild's forums..
Just thought I'd post it here for any Transformers fans.

Transformers was my fav back in the day. I loved the movie. I still think the best voice over work ever can be found in the Transformers movie. The sound effects are really cool, too.

For my Audio Production class, I recorded some audio clips from the film. Check 'em out !

"A ginormous, weird lookin' planet...!"

Blaster, the Radio DJ Transformer. More battle effects. Try to figure out which sound is the sound of Blaster roundhouse kicking a Decepticon.

Perceptor's such a dweeb, with a cool dweeb voice. Listen to the battle effects.

This dude's voice is cool. I wish I could speak like this in normal every day conversation.

Transformers Generation 1 (what the 80s version is called today) has a huge following on the Penny Arcade forums. It's a bummer that there haven't been any video games for it yet.

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