Sunday, April 16, 2006

Download and play Savage retail version for free.

Apparently, you can legally download the full version of Savage, the RTS-shooter hybrid game, by going to the link above. Coooool. I tried the demo a long time ago and thought there was potential. Apparently Savage 1 flopped miserably, but the S2 Team is trying to correct that with the upcoming Savage 2. So, in order to build awareness of the Savage series, they're releasing the first game entirely for free.
Definately going to try this out. I hope Savage 2 is a success, as I really like the concept of RTS/action hybrids. Battlezone 2 was a huge obsession of mine, but it, along with Battlezone 1, was a market failure, too. Allegiance, the space sim/RTS/MMO hybrid published by Microsoft, also flopped. D'oh!

Spring Break has come and gone.. and school resumes on Monday. So my posts will slow to a trickle once again, I'm sure. :\

I tracked down one of the sound designers for the Xbox game "Jade Empire", and asked him some questions about the sound design field. He said that jobs are extremely rare for sound people in the game industry, which is a big bummer for me. But after thinking about it, I've decided I'm going to keep going with my Audio Production studies and hope for the best. Who knows.. maybe after two decades of QA testing at some game company, I'll climb the ladder, yeah? Heheh.

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