Saturday, February 4, 2006


I got my copy of Battlefront 2 in the mail yesterday, and was quickly let down by the experience.

First off, it was a pain in the ass just to run the game in the first place. I had to set the game to a Win2000 compatibility setting just to get it to launch. Apparently I'm not alone in frustrations with this game in regards to bugs... the Lucasarts tech support forums are overflowing with frustrated posters who claim half the people who bought Battlefront 2 for the PC can't even play the game. They're all clamoring for a patch that has been delayed, but should be out soon.

For me, besides that Win2000 thing, the game works fine. The problem is that the game is just not that fun or deep. It's a very arcadey, simple, straightforward FPS game for the most part. Extremely simple. So simple, in fact, that I can't think of a professionally made FPS game that provided a more dull experience. The levels are vast and... bland... and empty. You have a gun, you shoot at your enemies while strafing back and forth. Not Counter-strike or Rainbow Six, of course. But, this ain't no Quake-quality deathmatch style exciting shooting match, either. It's just.... boring.

Even as a die-hard Star Wars fan, I can't recommend this game. Stay away! Especially if you've played any of the great Star Wars games, like the X-wing series of games, or Jedi Knight games, or Republic Commando. These all have excellent gameplay and do the Star Wars name justice.

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