Sunday, January 29, 2006

Made a new gamer friend this week thanks to Neverwinter Nights. Runa's an interesting person. She's got a fun sense of humor and is hard to please when it comes to games. She demands tactical challenge from her games, and like me, is frustrated that NWN's combat is often so uninvolving.
To demonstrate her tactical prowess, she crushed me at online chess three times in a row. Ouch! Most interesting for any Battlefield 2 players out there, Runa's uncle on the development team of the F-35 jet fighter. :-O I wonder if I can get a discount on the retail price of the F-35 when it comes out....

After she stomped me at chess, we tried to find new games to play together. We tried Icewind Dale 2, but that didn't work for me, as I just couldn't get into the art style of the game. And the interface confused the heck outta me. Then she called me a "graphics whore". Boo! Then we played some America's Army, which I liken to a virtual chatroom, since when you are killed, you can be staring at the chat interface for 2-5 minutes before the next round starts up. Ugh, I hate round based gameplay. America's Army is completely free to download and play, but even with a price tag of $0, I can't recommend it. Why play that when you can play Counter-strike or Rainbow Six games? They seem superior to AA in pretty much every way.

In other news, I played some Gitaroo Man and Soul Calibur 3 for the PS2. Gitaroo Man is a funky music game, where you use the analog joystick and buttons to play a guitar. Oh and you're a strange guitar-playin' superhero robot dude with a robot dog. Really creative game, but also a bit too hard, even at the easiest settings.

Soul Calibur 3 is a "fighting" game, in the style of Streetfighter games. Except with big ass swords. Fun!


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