Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ack! Been a while since I've updated this, been busy with school and uhmm.... Warcraft 3. :-P

Also finished Ace Combat 5 on PS2. Really quite a good game, despite the weird "hippie" story and dialogue. You see, the game has a pacifist bent to it, which is very odd considering you're ace pilots flying state-of-the-art war machines, blowing up hundreds of people. Throughout the game, your wingmen state their remorse over all the killing they're doing.

Still, I recommend the game for the fantastic visuals, huge selection of planes, some creative and exciting missions, and spiffy music. I never managed to unlock the Super Hornet featured in the picture above, nor the Dasault Rafale (one of my fav planes from Fighters Anthology). But I did get to fly a lot of funky prototype stuff I didn't even knew existed, such as the Su-47 (pictured below).

The F-22, Typhoon, Gripen, and F-35 all make an appearance too.

Despite being on PS2, the game looks incredible, especially in Replay mode, which replays each mission from cinematic external cams. The game can be played in HUD-only view, cockpit view (very detailed and accurate cockpits, too!), and external camera view. Btw, the gameplay is pure arcade console action, so if you're looking for a flight sim experience, look elsewhere.

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