Sunday, January 8, 2006

Get Paid 2 Play Battlefield 2

Recently signed up for this. Basically, you play a total of 12 hours a month on any of the servers listed on the site, and you are entered in prize drawings. The chances of you winning these prizes is pretty slim, but the site is cool in that it helps empty servers get players. Server ops pay between $75-150/month to keep their servers running, but this money can go to waste if no one joins.

The site is simple to use. You simply load a list of servers in your web browser, click "join game" and BF2 launches you into the server from there.

I'm hoping the custom map scene can take advantage of this somehow. The BF2 ranked server system has really kept custom maps pretty non-existant, since those maps can't be played on ranked servers, and everyone is only interested in boosting their ranked stats. As a huge fan of custom maps for all games, this has been a pretty depressing aspect of BF2.

Sometimes I wonder if DICE/EA intentionally created the ranked server system in order to boost sales of their expansion packs. By making sure community content is un-ranked, it lowers demand for community content and increases demand for EA stuff. Argh!

Edit: :-O Some of the players on the site have already logged in more than 4 days worth of play time. 100 hours+ in January so far, and we're only on the 8th day of the month! Sweet lordy.

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