Friday, June 23, 2006

Officials at the US Pentagon recently confused a Battlefield 2 fan film for a terrorist recruiting tool.
Woops! Check out the ABC Nightline video.

Here's an interview with "SonicJihad", creator of the BF2 fan film. And here's SonicJihad's profile on (the video shows his game name as JihadJoe though, so that could be another SonicJihad). SonicJihad, if you read this somehow... you need a montage. Your k/d ratio is 1.0, not much better than Dogar's. For a guy who confused the Pentagon, you're not very good at BF2, dude. Hahaaaaa... ;-)

And hey, maybe we could do a joint mercenary auction together.


Charlie_Six said...

Oh and before anyone gets the wrong impression from his username, SonicJihad says in his interview that he's not some pro-terrorist crazy guy.

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