Sunday, June 4, 2006

Finished Genji for the PS2 last night. Great game. Very underrated IMO. Gamespot gave it a 7.0, but the user score is at 8.5. The game isn't very deep, but it's good fun and I think a good match for any casual gamer. Similar to the Onimusha games, you run around chopping up people for combo and critical hits. Unlike Onimusha, Genji actually has a decent inventory system. So you can drink health potions while in combat. Can't wait to see how Genji 2 turns out for the PS3. Looking forward to flipping giant crabs upside down and stabbing them for massive damage!

"X-men: The Last Stand" hit theaters recently and made a ton of money on its opening weekend. NPR has an interesting report on the film's social commentary. Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) mentions how the film's topic caused some heated political debate amongst the cast of the film.


lilblackgirl said...

Does this have a rotating camera? Or is it fixed? My wife gets motion sick on rotating cameras and i was trying to find something for her to play. She loves hack/slash games like this.

Charlie_Six said...


The camera is fixed and never rotates. It's kinda like Return of the King if you ever played that.