Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just got back from Video Games Live in San Jose. It was really fun! All the tickets were sold out, so we had a packed house full of pale gamer nerds. I wish they had played more Medal of Honor music though. Ah well.

Got to hear Metal Gear music in full glory. They had a guy dressed up as "Random Bad Guy Soldier" walking back and forth across the stage. Once the music really started up, he flicked a switch on his chest and a bright exclamation point appeared above and behind his head, just like in the game. It was hilarious :-D. People loved the Video Game Pianist's cool solo Final Fantasy performance. Everyone gave him a big standing ovation. I wish I had brought a camera.. coulda gotten pics with the Metal Gear guy, along with a cool lookin' cosplay fan who came as Samus Aran. Samus Aran girl, if you read this blog, call me! Hubba hubba. Rawr rawr. You can scan me with your visor any day of the week, if you know what I mean.. heh heh heh... (wait, that makes no sense..)

update: Gamespot has an article on the VGL performance.

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Emmy <3 said...


I'm glad you had fun!~~

Lol, I don't thing Samus Aran would be reading this blog AND you probably scared her away anyways !!