Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The demo for Lord of the Rings: Conquest came out on the Playstation Network. Here are my impressions that I posted on Gamespot's forums:

I'm disappointed but I had quite a bit of fun anyway. The frame rate is too low when playing online, although it strangely improves to very acceptable levels in the Tutorial singleplayer mode, where there is even more action on screen than online. Graphics feel out of date, and I honestly prefer the graphics and animations from EA's Return of the King game over this one o_O

The melee combat does not feel that deep, and as someone else said, the lack of a Lock-On feature makes things a bit confusing. I would've liked a lock on feature for the melee classes at least. Right now you have to move both joysticks, then move your thumb off of one joystick in order to use your attack buttons. So your thumb is constantly going back and forth between the right stick and the attack buttons. Just feels kinda weird..

The Scout is interesting in that it feels so much like "ninja" class. He does martial arts and such. It feels out of place but still cool.
The horses seem kinda pointless. You get knocked off a horse very easily. I can only see it being used as a fast way to travel, don't think anyone will be fighting on it for kills..

My big gripe with the combat system is that it just doesn't look like what we saw in the film. Instead it has a very arcade game feeling to it. Archers are running about while shooting arrows. Warriors and scouts are running about frantically while swinging their weapons like madmen.
Multiplayer does not have a battlefield feeling at all. I was under the impression that in multiplayer, there would be ARMIES of AI running around while the human players also battled, thus giving you a big sense of epic fantasy warfare. Instead all you see are the players. 16 people on a battlefield. Wow. 16! Sigh..

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