Friday, October 12, 2007

Come check out my Company of Heroes game idea at the Relic forums. I came up with it while thinking about World in Conflict, Team Fortress 2, and World of Warcraft. Tell me what ya think, or write a supportive post in the forum thread if you think it's a good idea!

Here's the gist of it:

"I think it'd be cool if Relic made a spin-off game (or game mode?) of COH, one that's designed more for casual gamers, for people who aren't really into RTS's, but still think COH is very impressive and fun to play.. if the game could be simplified, that is.

The idea is that instead of having each player control/build an entire army on his own, each player would instead be given a single unit (or squad) to control. If the game has 16 players, it would have 16 units/squads running around the map, battling it out. The game would mostly still play out the same way as it does currently: players would still fight over control points in order to gather resources. So, for example, Player 1 would be an Engineer squad, and nothing else. His goal would be to run around repairing friendly vehicles, setting mines, defensive structures, and so forth. And with a carefully tweaked resource system, he would have to spend resources in order to do various tasks. Meanwhile, Player 2, on the same team as Player 1, is a MG team. Player 3 is a Sherman tank. Player 4 is a Halftrack. And so forth. Each player has his strengths and weaknesses, and each has his role to play in the battle. And if any of them wanted to change to another type of unit or squad, they would select a new "class" and go."


Eutychus22 said...

isn't this concept akin to what "DoTA" is for WC3? [to a limited extent]

I know what you mean, though: I have no particular desire to make a base, build troops, etc. In fact, these factors usually keep me from diving into RTS-style games.

I keep hearkening back to Ender's Game, where Bean is perceived as being really valuable w/a small group of troops...whereas others were better at maintaining formations, etc. I do wish there were games that took more advantage of this type of element within the RTS genre, where you could control as much (or as little) as you wanted to.

So, for now, play it (more or less) leaves me with what I actually want: control of a character (or character + a few minions) while the rest of the battle takes place.

Anyhow, I haven't checked out this site in a whiles. Loved the BF article you wrote a whiles ago...

Charlie_Six said...

Ya, DOTA is extremely popular. I wouldn't be surprised if DOTA was a more popular way of playing War3 than the standard War3 game. Much of the player community seems a bit too harsh for me though, and I don't feel DOTA is really appealing to the casual gamer. It still seems really hardcore.

manic_half said...

sup, this is manic_half from bluesnews (saw the link in your sig)

i think its a pretty cool idea. i dont play much RTS really except for Dawn of War so anything new is welcome to me.

id reply on the relic forums but i got banned because i said i use No-CD patches on my BOUGHT games.