Sunday, December 10, 2006

Haven't uploaded a new Game Score selection in a looooong time. I apologise!
This track clip is from the PS2 game, Shadow of the Colossus, and is by Koh Ohtani.
It's my fav track of the game.

Click here to listen to Koh Ohtani's The Opened Way

In other news... I'm enjoying my 360 but they really need to put the mouse/keyboard onto it ASAP. Games like Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas work fine with the gamepad, as much of the gameplay is not so much interested in your accuracy with a gun and more with your ability to use battle tactics. Tactics doesn't require joystick finesse.

But Call of Duty 3 multiplayer has been essentially kept in its PC format roots. You run around, you aim and you shoot. This requires joystick finesse. And ohhhh is it frustrating! The multiplay gameplay also feels like it's been given a more "deathmatch arcade" feel than previous CODs. So I don't recommend COD3 for it's multiplay.

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