Sunday, October 29, 2006

Been playing BF2142 like mad in the past few days. Great game. The Gamespot review was positive (score of 8.2), but it didn't really mention what's been improved and fine tuned since BF2.

2142 comes with tweaks such as:
In BF2, dropping anti-vehicle mines on the ground often resulted in Teamkills. This is no longer the case in 2142, as mines have been replaced with EMP and Motion Mines, and both of them only trigger when a hostile target is near. The same applies with the Claymore. In 2142, the Claymore only detonates against hostiles.

Commander artillery has been replaced with "orbital strike" ability. Orbital strike damages a wider area, however it is much weaker than BF2's artillery. It rarely kills anyone instantly, instead dishing out damage over repeated strikes. In most cases it's best for seriously injuring enemy groups, or finishing off wounded. At first I thought this change was for the worse, but it's much more enjoyable NOT being killed instantly by these strikes. Feels less cheap.

Medics are no longer the uber class, as their medkits now heal people gradually, instead of instantly. Their defibrillator's still revive people back to 100% health though.

2142's a great game, but at the same time, it verifies the accusation that EA/DICE ignored many of BF2's problems in order to make another game. Is there no more money to be made anymore from a further patched BF2?

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